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Simplified Nonprofit Accounting Concepts

Defeat your overwhelm around IRS regulations

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Learn at your own pace.  Each course will add understanding of the financial part of your nonprofit.

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This online course will help simplify nonprofit accounting for 501(c)3 Charitable Nonprofits and their Board Members.

  • How to Read the 990
  • How to Read the Income Statement
  • How to Read the Balance Sheet
  • How to Read your Budget Reports
  • Nonprofit IRS Regulations demystified
  • How to stay tax exempt
  • What’s required for reporting to donors
  • And more…

Use these online materials to be able to understand your outside accountant, auditor, and 990 preparer.  Be able to understand the nonprofit accounting terms, and be alerted to what may be missing in your inner office procedures.

Use these online training courses to help train your staff person who wears the finance hat.  Or, your staff person who does the basic bookkeeping.

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